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Work-Life Interactive Marketing Experience

Trinity Centre is a four-building office campus in DC Metro Suburbs. Conveniently located in one of the most desirable counties in Northern Virginia, the property offers best-in-class on-site amenities and is a true example of work-life balance.

Our team was tasked with conceptualizing, narrating, and creating the marketing center exhibits highlighting property's work-life features and experiences. The first drafts depicted comprehensive but fairly typical ideas such as boards, wallscapes, and window graphics. Going over these concepts, it soon became apparent that we needed something different and more engaging this time.

The idea of an interactive display took some time to shape out, with numerous sketches, concepts and mockups created along the way. Still, the final result was an amazing, fun, and definitely one-of-a-kind exhibit we ever put together. The front side of our tiled display was showing a rendering of the future indoor-outdoor lounge; and the flip side of each tile was talking about life and work features of the campus.

Paired with colorful murals, this marketing center turned out to be a unique and memorable touring experience.

On a side note, the print files setup was quite tricky and took some time to figure out, but we did! YAY


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