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The Marker 20 Tour Trail

After making our mark in the brokerage community with our customized branding for Marker 20, our final task was to create a unique touring experience at the property… this meant bringing the campus and trail experience to life.

The layout and pacing of the exhibits serves as a natural tour script to facilitate an interactive discussion of the many advantages and distinctive features that Marker 20 offers to tenants.

One of our more unique features within this marketing center is the large scale site plan installed directly on the floor beneath the entry skylight. This graphic allows tenants to explore the campus environment and notes the many planned improvements at Marker 20, including a state-of-the-art amenity facility within the campus.

As tenants continue down our tour path, key features and opportunities are reinforced with custom graphics highlighting location accessibility, proximity to the W&OD trail, big block opportunities, and more.


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