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Step inside our architecture-driven marketing center

When our broker team got awarded the leasing assignment of The Loft Office in Clarendon, one of the hopes we, as marketers & designers, had was to build a marketing center and activate one of the incredible lofty floors of this property. And we got what we wished for!

The main differentiators of the building were its architecture and urban location within a vibrant neighborhood with a modern and creative workforce. The strategy of our leasing team was to attract this top talent and appeal to the firms within IT and the creative sector. Our goal was to highlight these features and make it an engaging and captivating tour experience.

The floor plates presented some challenges with a fairly dense column grid towards the core but also some spectacular opportunities such as high ceilings, incredible full height windows, and private, wrap-around terraces. These facts quickly shaped our plan to create a tour path and direct visitors towards the floor's perimeter, showcasing the views and drawing attention to the light-filled areas.

The main selling points, such as availabilities, amenities, neighborhood, and demographics, were displayed in four sets of hanging boards. We worked with Arlington Public Library to obtain old images of Clarendon - Arlington's historical downtown - and speak to the unique vibe and heritage of this area.

The walking path, column height vinyl graphics, seating area, window decals, and column call-outs were strategically placed along the tour path to accentuate the key selling features.

To help prospects visualize the open area layout, we've created a set of stencils and marked workstations on the floor.

The area map and scoreboard wallscape graphic showed driving times, walk-bike-transit scores, and nearby attractions.

And last but definitely not least stop of the tour was an interactive display. To solidify the message of the unique architecture, we've asked the prospects to vote for their favorite building feature - steel beams, exposed brick, and floor-to-ceiling windows by placing a token in one of the plastic bins.


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