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Signal House Direct Mailers

How do you create buzz for a building located in an emerging office market in Washington, DC?

These campaigns were created to introduce a new 225,000 RSF office development coming to Union Market in 2020. Avison Young's in-house marketing team developed two direct mailer campaigns for the building's introduction and promotion.

Poster Series Campaign

For this campaign, our marketing team worked with local artist, JD Deardourff, to create a series of custom posters to promote this new project. The first poster acted as a teaser and introduced the Signal House brand while the second poster debuted the office rendering.

The posters were packaged in cellophane with informational flyers attached to the back and delivered to 250+ brokers in the region.

Growler Campaign

For the second campaign, customized growlers were used to call attention to the neighborhood's eclectic restaurant scene. The growlers were vinyl-branded with the property logo and had personalized leather travel tags attached to the handle. The inside of the growlers contained a promotional flyer as well as a gift card to Union Market's Bruery.


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