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Flexing Our Strengths

When Avison Young was invited to pitch a portfolio of flex buildings in Herndon, VA, we were eager for the chance to illustrate our unique approach.

And so our team deconstructed the property to analyze the features that made it unique. Then, we took those pieces and began rebuilding them to imagine an exciting destination far beyond the expectations of a flex industrial park.

The result was a bold vision of a connected community that combined outdoor recreation, flexible on-site amenities, and a tree-lined pedestrian avenue that transports guests to a better way of working.

Our client was eager to implement these ideas, but felt the old name just wouldn't do.

We needed a new brand that communicated our vision to the marketplace - one that would help prospects remember what makes this place unique.

A key differentiator is the connection to the Washington & Old Dominion trail. Traveled by thousands of bicyclists and joggers, this trail would be key in our efforts to secure an on-site brewery while providing guests car-free travel to nearby Reston Town Center.

We were challenged to build excitement for this new vision as the property owner planned its redevelopment. With little imagery to work with, we had to think outside the box to best market this new vision.

As plans evolved, so did our marketing efforts. We bolstered our toolkit with digital campaigns tailored to specific audiences and needs, while rolling out attractive incentives for the local brokerage community.

Marker 20 quickly became a marquee development for our client, one they wanted to show off to both the marketplace and their own investors. And so, our client wanted to know - could we help produce a video that breathes life into this bold new vision?

Working under a tight deadline, our team orchestrated a fully 3D video that guides prospects through the new story behind Marker 20, and completed in time for the client's investor conference.

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