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Presidential Tower Marketing Center

We were about to put a roomy, modernized, convenient, urban building on the market. Just one problem—the market knew nothing about it. Presidential Tower had been fully leased by the GSA for many years. Now, after an extensive renovation, it was open for new occupants. We had so much to say, we were unsure where to begin. So we stood on the 12th floor and took in the commanding views—verdant on one side, metropolitan on the other—and formulated a plan.

We decided to treat the 12th floor as a gigantic showroom, illustrating the different experiences that make the building so desirable. Through the materials we used, the layouts, and the stories we told, we developed an homage to Presidential Tower—its convenience, green amenities, and urbane creature comforts suited for today’s professional class.

We hung 4’x 8’ acrylic panels, using clamps and ceiling tracks. We recreated the commuter feel with wall vinyl Metro pillar signs. And to show how desks, tables, and chairs could populate the space, we spray painted stenciled replicas of the furniture.

Inspired by Presidential Tower’s emblematic logo, we provided a 500-foot route for prospective tenants to follow from the elevator to each experience in the space.

The walkway wraps around the Route 1 side of Presidential Tower. It arrives at a corner where planes can be seen taking off and landing at Reagan National Airport.

And the experience itself is pillared by Metro signage for King Street, Pentagon City, Crystal City, and the airport.

Is that a playground, a Chili’s, and a pool on top of a building? Crystal City is no staid office park. It’s more than 40 restaurants, 11 hotels, and a variety of retail shops. It’s a place to eat and drink when work doesn’t get in the way. And outside the windows that surround our Crystal City Life Experience, glimmers of the total package beckon.

The walkway has competition. As it approaches a right angle bend around a pillar, silhouettes of actual office furnishings appear on the interior floor. They’re stenciled sketches that show exactly how a real office environment could be laid out.

The final stop is the Conference area. There all the impressive specs are explained: the thousands of rentable square feet, the impending LEED® Silver certification, and a reminder of the convenience afforded by this location.


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