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Craving International?

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The Meridian Group invested significant capital to upgrade amenities and deliver several new spec suites at International Place in Rosslyn. Meridian challenged us to come up with a fun and memorable ways to drive awareness while also building excitement for a future broker event where people could see the new space with their own eyes.

We couldn't have asked for a better client. Meridian was eager to think differently and go beyond the typical direct mail campaign. This property is located in an exceptionally walkable and diverse food haven. Playing off the "international" branding an abundance of restaurant options nearby, our team came up with a fun (and cheap!) promotional gift that combined an event invitation and travel giveaway into a typical takeout container.

Meridian created a strategic advantage by taking each suite to 95% completion - leaving the final selection of finishes to tenants, allowing them to pick a look that matches their company's style while still enjoying the turnkey convenience of traditional spec suites.

Our messaging reinforced the available packages while providing a fun yet comprehensive overview of the new renovations and area amenities.

At the same time, we seized the opportunity to generate buzz for our upcoming broker event by bundling codes that could be redeemed online for $25-$100 each. Once winners registered their prize, all they had to do was show up at our broker event to receive their winnings on top of the typical incentive.

This promotion was extremely cost-effective and resulted in numerous phone calls to both the owners and our brokerage team, as well as drawing nearly 200 event attendees.

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