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AY Brand Camp

Every year we get together to catch up on new techniques, training tips, and share advice about how to best exceed client expectations. We call this Client Services Day. Over time, this event has grown to include visiting colleagues from offices across the country, as well as Avison Young executives such as Frances Lewis (Chief Marketing Officer), Keith Lipton (Chief Operating Officer), Earl Webb (President, U.S. Operations), Lyndal Hannah (Chief Information Officer), John Kevill (Managing Director, U.S. Capital Markets) and counting.

Our regional team oversees the planning and execution of Client Services Day to include a variety of topics that help solidify skills and get people thinking in new ways. A favorite theme was "Brand Camp," complete with field manuals, merit badge mixers, campfire stories and more.

The success of this day was huge and immeasurable. Our team members gained appreciation for both colleagues and the industry. Campers enjoyed a rare opportunity for insight, with panels that included both prominent clients (Beacon Capital Partners) in addition to an open Q&A with company leaders.


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